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The multi-billion-dollar corporation "GASFEECO" are underground miners of high-end gas deposits in the metaverse. Their only goal was to strip the underground world of its precious gas and greedily sell it for a huge profit, potentially destroying the world in the process.

Although they've run into problems, resistance to their evil cause was formed. A ruthless flying society has dwelled in these underground caves protecting their homes from the pollution this company caused for thousands of years. But of course, GASFEECO were so blinded by the profits and continued their unethical mining, killing thousands of the ancient society in the process.

But 6666 of them escaped to the deepest levels of the caverns, fueled by anger and seeking revenge for the company that ruined them.

With this newfound objective, The Underground Bat Society was born, and they set out to reclaim their home and save the world.

We all know the planet is dying. Will you do your part?

Join The Underground Bat Society To Help Save The World Now!


Underground Bat Society (UGBS) is a collection of 10.000 items programmatically generated with Java as a 676x676px PNG.

Each Bat is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits, including expression, fur colour, background, and more.

All Bats are dope, but some are more rare than others.

The price per Bat is 0.666 SOL.

750 Bats are set aside for giveaways and people who helped along the way.

We are yet to announce the release date. Join our Discord and follow our Twitter for updates.


25% Sold

25 SOL Donated to Forest & Bird NZ.

10 random early minters will receive a Bat airdropped to them.

50% Sold

50 SOL (total) Donated to Forest & Bird NZ.

Collaboration with other NFT projects for giveaways.

Integration with RarityCheck.me

75% Sold

75 SOL (total) Donated to Forest & Bird NZ.

1 SOL Airdropped to 20 random holders.

100% Sold

100 SOL (total) Donated to Forest & Bird NZ.

Merchandise store where 50% of profits go to charity.

Integration with BeatPlaylist.

Holder Royalties.

Continued Giveaways and Competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official launch date is TBA, but we expect it to be mid-October.

Bats will be stored on the Solana chain, so they will show in your OpenSea account.

There will be a total of 6666 Bats minted.

The mint price per bat is 0.666 SOL.

Your bat will be generated from an assortment of over 100 traits.

Your Bat will be stored in the wallet it is purchased with and will then be viewable and tradeable on OpenSea.

Our donation efforts will go towards Forest and Bird NZ, for the conservation of the New Zealand Long Tailed Bat, of which only ~100 remain.

We're building our own NFT Tool / Rarity Check website which will be compatible with Ethereum and Solana projects.

Project owners will be able to create a project page where they can post updates for their project, and add their release date to the Calendar.

Bat Holders will be able to follow projects, check the rarity of project NFTs and reply to project post threads.

Bat Holders will be able to use their Bat as a verified profile picture on our music streaming platform Rhythm

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